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Chastity upon the waters - set gm-2w36

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The Water-Maiden of Langstonedale

A marriage ordained by nature

Saturation Hall has a new Head Gardener!

Meet Chastity, Lady Jasmine's new head gardener, and a qualified water garden expert. In the ninteenth century the elaborate water gardens of the estate were one of the wonders of the age, however succesive twentieth century head gardeners neglected these feature, so much so that they'd fallen completely into ruin by the dawn of the twenty-first.

But help is at hand - Lady Jasmine has hired a brilliant young graduate water gardener from the infamous Wildwood Horticultural College, an institution the family were once generous benefactors of, to completely restore the water features, fountains, channels, and streams to their former glory.

But of course, before any gardener can really get the best from their land, they have to feel an affinity, form a bond, really get close to and relate to the natural forces they'll be working with. Hence Chastity's first act on arriving at the edge of the estate lands is to wade boldly into the river, dressed in a magnificent wedding dress, to ceremonially wed herself to the waters of the dale.

She walks calmly into the water, deeper, deeper, the train of her beautiful dress floating on the water behind her as she wades into the deep, giving herself totally to the spirits of the river.

She plays in the water, splashing great sheets of it into the Summer air and all over herself, becoming truly the Water-Maiden of Langstonedale.

And then she wades back to the shore, where she stands in the shallows and accepts watering can after watering can poured all over, down, and inside her dress.

Welcome to the household, Chastity!