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A Victorian Bathing Affair

Chastity takes to the water, 1890s style!

Dressed in a beautiful, hand-made replica Victorian bathing suit, made by a local seamstress to a genuine pattern from the final decade of Queen Victoria's long and glorious reign, Head Gardener Chastity takes to the estate river for a paddle.

Chastity is in fact re-enacting scenes that would have been common on the estate in the 1890s, as the entire household frequently took to the waters to keep cool during the blazing heat of High Summer.

Wading under the old stone bridge, Chastity comes upon an inflated tractor inner tube, and plays on it for a while, floating about the pool, legs and lower costume submerged in the water, before climbing off and finally drenching herself completely, including using her cap to scoop water over her head, before posing in the sunlight in her drenched costume.

Swimmers were rather more stylish back then!