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Denim Hosedown Time! - set gm-2w57

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Denim Hosedown Time!

Modesty takes a soaking, from dry, in blue denim

Sometimes, you just have to hose someone down. Especially when what they are wearing isn't remotely waterproof!

Modesty enters the dungeon in blue jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt, and blue denim jacket, plus blue and white striped wellies. Ok, so wellies are waterproof - they'll fill up nicely when the hose goes down her jeans. :)

Splish splosh, Prudence breaks out the hose, and Modesty soon starts to feel soggy as more and more of her outfit feels the touch of flowing water. The hose goes down the front of Modesty's jeans, and she gets wetter and wetter, ending with her entire outfit totally soaked. The dripping wet denim jacket comes off part way through and she finishes the set soaking wet, still being hosed down, in jeans, t-shirt, and boots.

Modesty wears traditional high-waist jeans for her drenching.