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Pies and Mess! - set gm-3f004

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Pies and Mess!

Maude and Susie destroy each other with pies!

Maude, dressed in a cute minidress, stripey tights, and wellies, and Susie, in black jodhpurs, while polo-shirt, and boots, completely destroy each other with pies and poured mess.

Maude is sweeping out the dungeon when Susie, still with her chunky black working wellies on, walks in and straight over the floor Maude has been sweeping. Maude takes exception to this and gives the stablehand a right dressing down - to which Susie responds with a beautifully delivered full force pie straight to Maude's face. And then Susie starts making up another one to really deliver the message. Except Maude managed to grab a can of custard and tip the contents into Susie's spotless black jodhpurs first.

From thre it goes full tit-for-tat, lots of sloppy pies splattered into each other's faces, Susie's tight jodhpurs and Maude's minidress both get well filled with custard, as do Maude's black and purple stripey tights, and needless to say their wellies get the treatment too.

Both girls end up utterly drenched in custard and cream, including complete head and face coverage. Maude has custard shampooed into her lovely long hair, and Susie's shaved head gets the treatment too.

There are only just over 100 photos in this set, but there's half an hour of all-action very messy Full-HD video, in which you get to see every single detail as the two girls are reduced to sloppy, custard-drenched messes.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.