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Messy Police Discipline - set gm-3f005

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  • gm-3f005-v1 (24 minutes, 03 seconds)
  • gm-3f005-v2 (16 minutes, 37 seconds)

Messy Police Discipline

Sergeant Susie and PCSO Maude

The strict and scary Sergeant Susie is overseeing Police Community Support Officer Maude, who's been tasked with cleaning up the interrogation room after a particularly enthusiastic interrogation. The sergeant is dressed in full uniform, while the PCSO is ordered to put a blue cagoule over her uniform for the work. Sergeant Susie also means to teach Maude some discipline, which she does by regularly emptying the bucket Maude is collecting the spilled mess in, over Maude's back, meaning she has to start from scratch each time.

What follows is very, very, messy, for both of them!

Originally ordered as a custom, this scene really lets both girls show off their role-playing abilities, Susie in particular is absolutely perfect as the strict and merciless police sergeant, while Maude's natural submissive shines at the start of the scene - before she rebels and gets her own back!

This scene is primarily on video, there's just a very small photoset of clean views of Sergeant Susie and PCSO Maude taken before the scene started.

The various uniform items used in this scene were all genuine original police-issue kit, for ultimate realism.