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Maude and Susie Swimsuit Filling - set gm-3f006

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Maude and Susie Swimsuit Filling

In it goes!

Two hot wenches, barefoot in swimsuits, bring on the custard!

Maude wears a high front, low back, blue legsuit swimsuit, with a faintly embossed pattern, while Susie wears a traditional high back standard one-piece swimsuit in black with orange and purple detailing. They're both barefoot, and neither is planning on staying clean for long!

Susie's turn first, two full cartons of custard poured in the front of her swimsuit until it starts to leak down her legs, and then it's Maude's turn and her nice blue suit is soon bulging and oozing with leaking custard too.

This is a fun happpy scene, the two girls really enjoy filling each other's swimsuits, front and back, then they slather each other all over with handfulls of custard, pie each other in the face, thoroughly custard shampoo each other, spray each other down with squirty cream, gove each other a custardy cuddle, and finally pose, utterly drenched in mess from head to toe.

If you like swimsuit filling, you need this scene!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.