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Schoolgirl Pie Fight - set gm-3f010

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  • gm-3f010-v1 (28 minutes, 53 seconds)
  • gm-3f010-v2 (11 minutes, 24 seconds)

Schoolgirl Pie Fight

Maude and Rosemary plaster each other in pies in school uniform

Rosemary and Maude, both dressed in smart black and white school uniforms, plaster each other in custard pies, including lots and lots of face hits for both girls, as well as pie sandwiches, pie sitting, and squirty cream all over each other too.

The pies in this scene are paper bowls filled with custard and topped with squirty cream, just the right size and sloppyness to completely engulf a pretty face and then flow and drip down over the girls' clothes. After one hit they are messy, after taking over 20 each, they are both reduced to sloppy ruin!

This is a series-3 scene, so not many photos, instead a longer and detailed video to follow, free of still camera noise.