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Bib Dress vs Short Dungarees - set gm-3f014

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Bib Dress vs Short Dungarees

Cynthia and Elsi destroy each other with custard

Cynthia has returned to Saturation Hall, and she's brought her girlfriend Elsi with her to join in the messy fun. In this scene, Elsi is dressed in short fawn dungarees and darb blue wellies with pink polka-dots, while Cynthia herself wears a short black bib dress and gleaming white t-shirt, with dark tights and black and white converse boots.

Needless to say by the end of the scene both women have been reduced to custard-drenched ruin, clothes completely filled and covered in custard, boots filled and covered, Cynthia has been made to sit in a tray of custard while holding her skirt up so we can see her clean tights and underwear going into the slop, and to finish off they give each other very thorough custard shampoos, including totally shampooing it into Cynthia's wonderfully long red hair.