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Rainwear vs Playsuit - set gm-3f016

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Rainwear vs Playsuit

Cynthia and Elsie have some fun in the dungeon

Two up-for-it girls, two random outfits, and lots of mess!

Cynthia wears dark blue heavyweight waterproof trousers over a blue swimsuit, with dark blue wellies, while Cynthia wears a rather nice blue playsuit, black socks, and cyan wellies. And to mess each other up, they have custard, cream, and a bucket of bright blue gunge too!

There's plenty of clothes filling, with cream and custard poured inside Cynthia's swimsuit, down her trousers, and inside Elsie's playsuit. Elsie also has her socked feet taken out of her wellies, which are then filled with blue gunge, and she has to put her feet back into them, taking them out again so we can see the gunged-up state of her socks.

There's sitting in trays of mess, they thoroughly slather each other in goo, and Cynthia's very long hair gets carefull and detailed messy treatment at Elsie's hands, from root to below-waist-length tip.

Both girls end up utterly drenched in mess from head to toe. Enjoy!