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Yellow Shiny Shorts Mayhem - set gm-3f026

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Yellow Shiny Shorts Messy Mayhem

Honeysuckle and Maude in clothes filling fun

Honeysuckle and Maude are identically dressed in bright yellow shiny shorts, white and yellow Adidas t-shirts, white sports socks, and wellies, sparkly silver for Honeysuckle and clear see-through for Maude. They have a table of mixed sweet and savoury mess, and both girls know they're going to get very, very messy!

They start with welly filling, and Honeysuckle's pristine white socks soon start to stain as Maude spoons spaghetti hoops into Honeysuckle's wellies. Then it's Maude's turn and we get to watch the spaghetti that Honeysuckle treats her with flowing down inside the boot, and the flow of custard that follows it.

Once their boots are nicely squelchy and their white socks reduced to mess-drenched ruin, they start on each other's shorts, mixed messes poured in front and back so they are both sitting in pools of soggy mess inside their shorts. Then their t-shirts get the treatment, and finally their heads and hair too.

This scene is more than just two very pretty girls destroying each other with mess though, there's a wonderful sense of fun and joy in their interactions, lots of playful splashing, messy handprints, and just overall having fun as they wreck each other's clothes and looks.

Let the messing commence!