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Messy Trays Of Sitting - set gm-3f029

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  • gm-3f029-v1 (28 minutes, 26 seconds)
  • gm-3f029-v2 (07 minutes, 35 seconds)

Messy Trays Of Sitting

Miss Abigail and Fidelity get very messy bums!

In the dungeon is a freshly sliced gateaux. Except, as Miss Abigail quickly spots, where there should be eight slices, there are in fact only seven. Oh dear, who's been eating Lady Jasmine's cake without authorisation?

It turns out to have been Fidelity. Which, of course, means there has to be a punishment. Albeit one that both share in and neither seems to mind that much.

Miss Abigail wears tight fitting denim dungarees over a white t-shirt, with green Hunter wellies, while Fidelity wears a black sleeveless Nike sports jumpsuit over black sports bra and pants, with black Hunter wellies.

It just happens that also in the dungeon are two deep trays, ideal for sitting in. How convenient! Miss Abigail takes one of the remaining slices of cake, places it in one of the trays, adds some lovely white cream, and instructs Fidelity to sit down. Which she does, squelch! Then, before standing up again, Fidelity is made to unzip the front of her outfit, and have another slice of cake spread and smeared all over the black sports bra she's wearing underneath, before neatly zipping up again.

Miss Abigail now sits in the other, still clean tray, while Fidelity stands, letting us see the now messy bum of her outfit, takes a pot of cream, and pours it inside Miss Abigail's t-shirt, to create some nice sogginess for her too.

After that they play Scissors-Paper-Stone, and with each round, they both stand up and turn so we can see the state of their outfits, the winner gets to add something to the loser's tray, and they both sit down again, the loser getting even messier as she sits in whatever has been added.

This continues for some time while the trays get steadily fuller and both girl's bottoms, and then the backs of their legs, are reduced to messy ruin. Eventually Miss Abigail's tray overflows, which is the cue for Fidelity to pick up her own very full tray and pour its entire contents all over the still clean front of Miss Abigail's dungarees. Needless to say Miss Abigail then returns the favour and empties her own tray all down Fidelity's nice sports suit.

From there they take turns to totally cover each other completely in sweet mess, including full messt shampoos for both of them.

The main messy scene is 26 minutes of non-stop messy action, there is then also a 7 minute hosedown scene as a second video.

Needless to say, both girls get utterly drenched in cream and custard from head to toe!