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Boilersuits, Hunters, Custard, and Cream! - set gm-3f031

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Boilersuits, Hunters, Custard, and Cream!

Lady Jasmine and Fidelity destroy each other with goo

Presenting The long awaited return of Lady Jasmine, the Countess of Langstonedale, to active messy scenes!

Identically dressed in matching black swimsuits, blue boilersuits, and brand new Hunter wellies, Lady Jasmine inducts Fidelity into the household as our new consulting horticultural expert. Needless to say the initiation is very, very messy!

Her ladyship has given Fidelity free reign in what she chooses to do, and so Fidelity starts by pouring as much custard and cream as she can into her ladyship's swimsuit under her boilersuit, intending to create a reservoir of gloop inside the swimsuit which will then gradually leak out and mess up Jasmine's boilersuit trunk and legs from within.

Meanwhile her ladyship's approach to messing up Fidelity is much more direct, she's made to sit in a gateaux and then has a full two litre bottle of cola poured into her swimsuit for maximum fizzing in sensitive areas, before having mixed mess slathered all over her suit by her ladyship.

By the end of the scene both women are utterly drenched in mess from head to toe, including full messy shampoos each, and then there is a fully clothed hose-down, during which both strip down to their swimsuits and have their well-filled wellies emptied into their swimsuits.

Lots of fun, lots of mess, and Lady Jasmine is back!