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Spandex Custard Bath

Honeysuckle covers and fills her zip spandex suit with custard and cream!

Prevented from going to play in the mud by the weather, Honeysuckle decides instead to have a sensous self-session in the dungeon. Dressed in a gorgeous skin-tight zip-front hooded spandex catsuit, with nothing underneath, and blue Hunter wellies, she has lots of cartons of custard and Devon Dream to play with, so her beautiful suit won't be staying clean for long!

She starts with a tray of custard, lowering her beautiful spandex-clad bottom into lovely gloopy custard, twice, and standing up again to show off the results. Then she sits back down in the custardy tray, but facing forwards, and starts to set about the rest of her outfit. She pours more custard down between her legs and squeezes them closed to really squish it in, fills her wellies, fils her suit, and steadily gets messier and messier, laughing and talking to the camera about how much fun she's having as she does so. Filled wellies get taken off so we can see her custard-soaked feet, she then pours the custard from her wellies down herself before putting them back on.

Her gorgeous long black hair gets the treatment, and she pulls the suit's hood up over her messy hair, revealing the top and back of the hood to be clean - she soon fixes that too.

By the end of the scene she's totally drenched in custard and cream from head to toe, her lovely spandex suit both covered and filled with goo.