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Two Nurse Gunge Test - set gm-3g001

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Two Nurse Gunge Test

Susie and Honeysuckle set about each other's uniforms with goo

Meet Susie and Honeysuckle, the Langstonedale Gunge Nurses.

Both are dressed in navy blue nursing uniform, Honeysuckle in a nice traditional knee-length step-in dress, and Susie in slightly more modern tunic and trousers. Both have elastcated nurses belts, and matching navy blue wellies on their feet. And given the row of gunge buckets lined up on the dungeon floor, you can be fairly certain neither of them will be staying all clean and dry for long!

Pocket filling comes first, as they test each other's outfits for pocket capacity - you can get a lot of gunge into a nurses uniform pocket! But of course pockets should never be left filled as that would spoil the line of the outfit - so the filled pockets get squished and the bright gloop flows down their outfits.

Dress and tunic filling follows, then filled tray-sitting, wellie-filling, and then just generally covering each other in technicolour goo. Eventually they give each other full gunge shampoos, working it deeply into Honeysuckle's luxurious locks, and Susie's shaven head.

By the end of the scene they are both reduced to gunge-drenched messes, and then there's a hose-down clean-up too!