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Maude washes the wellies - set gm-3h005

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Maude washes the wellies

Boilersuited chamberwench drenches herself washing muddy boots

Bonus extra scene for 5th week in April 2020

Here's Maude, dressed in the green boilersuit and wellies she returned from playing on the mudbanks in, getting to work to wash the signifcant quantities of muddy wellies that have accumulated in the dungeon. She gets totally soaked in the process as she washes the wellies and other shoes on her own lap, she also empties a tub of muddy water down herself as part of washing out the tub.

Once all the work is done, she strips off her own wellies and the boilersuit to reveal the floral swimsuit she's wearing beneath, and then washes her hair with shampoo, foam cascading down the back of her swimsuit as she rinses the lather off.

This started as a planned "hosedown in the travelling back outfit" scene but grew into a full wetlook scene in it's own right. Now seemed like a good time to release it on both sites as a five week bonus.

Technical: There is full original sound on the video.