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Custard Flexothane Maude - set gm-4f001

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Custard Flexothane Maude

Putting some waterproof dungarees to the custard test

Maude is dressed in dark blue waterptoof Flexothane dungarees over a nice one-piece swimsuit, with dark blue Hunter wellies, and she's going to put her outfit to the mess test.

First, to get in the mood, a pot of Devon Dream goes down the inside of Maude's swimsuit. We can't see the results mut Maude describes what she's feeling as the creamy goodness slithers down and collects in the bottom of her swimsuit.

And then she sets about her waterproof dungarees, first filling them with lashings of custard and describing where it's going as it flows down inside them - though we can't see the custard, we can see that the fabric starts to cling and slither as the inside gets coated in slimy gloop.

Then she starts on the outside, sitting in a tray of custard, and thoroughly slathering it all over herself in a spactacular coating of yellow mess. Her hair gets thoroughly shampooed, and she also takes off her wellies, revealing bare feet, fills the boots, and puts them back on, later on she takes them off again and pours the contents over herself, showing off her messy bare feet in the process, before putting the messy boots back on again.

There is a separate hosedown video where she washes herself and her outfit clean with the warm water hose, eventually removing her boots and the waterproof overalls, and giving herself a thorough shampoo in just her swimsuit.

Maude loves getting messy, enjoy!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.