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Zip Catsuit Mess! - set gm-4f002

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Zip Catsuit Mess!

Maude messes herself up in shiny spandex

Barefoot Maude, dressed in just a tight shiny zip-front spandex surfing catsuit, is going to put the suit, and herself, to the mess test. She's wearing just the tight-fitting suit, with no underwear, so we're going to be able to see absolutely everyting as she pours the mess on.

She starts with clothes filling, pouring Devon Dream with a custard chaser down inside the front of the suit, followed by more down the back. She does custard-filled tray sitting and scoops up handfuls to spread and smear all over herself. She strikes lots of sexy poses as she carefully reduces herself to mess-drenched ruin, and talks to the camera about what she's doing and how it feels as the various gloops slip and slither down inside her tight shiny outfit.

Messy Maude in tight spandex. Delicious!