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Rainwer Mess Test No3 - set gm-4f004

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Rainwer Mess Test No3

Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail put some waterproof suits to the mess test

The Rainwear Mess test is now an established part of our schedule, and this time Honeysuckle and Miss Abigail don the rainsuits for a truly spectacular messing.

They start off dressed in black spandex and white t-shirts. Honeysuckle wears a plain black long sleeve catsuit, while Miss Abigail wears a 3/4 sleeve black spandex dance leotard over black spandex leggings.

As tradition dictates, before the test begins they must each have some mess dropped inside the back of their spandex, this is to ensure that by already being messy, no-one is tempted to cheat and remain clean through the tests. So they take turns dropping a nice gooey slice of defrosted chocolate gateaux, followed by pouring a full can of custard, down inside the back of each other's spandex, before putting their white t-shirts back on, and then donning waterproof trousers and jackets, even as the cake and custard slithers down inside their undersuits.

And then, with their green waterproofs on and fully done up, and matching green wellies on their feet, the actual testing commences. To start with Miss Abigail gets to enjoy the interior testing, with plenty of gloop poured inside her rainwear trousers, while Honeycuskle does the exterior testing, meaning the outside of her waterproofs get really slopped up with lashings of mixed gloop, but, other then the initial cake and custard in her catsuit, she stays nice and clean and dry inside.

Needless to say this unbalanced state can't be allowed to continue for too long, so soon enough the inside of Honeysuckle's rainsuit is nicely filled with mess too. There are flannings, hood-fillings, plentiful clothes-filling, and full custard shampoos for both girls before the end of the scene.

By the end of the scene both girls entire outfits are reduced to mess-drenched chaos, drenched from head to toe in gloop.

Then they hose each other down, loosing their rainwear jackets and finishing, soaking wet, in spandex, rain trousers, and t-shirts.

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