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Lady Jennifer's Syrupy Dungarees - set gm-4f010

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Lady Jennifer's Syrupy Dungarees

Our barefoot guest gets very sticky in her overalls!

Take a very pretty lady with gorgeous purple hair, dress her very simply in classic American denim overalls over a blue swimsuit, with cute turn-ups and her feet left bare, and give her lots of pourable syrup to play with, and this is what you get!

The first bottle of syrup goes inside her swimsuit under the overalls, so she's all nicely squelchy and sticky inside, and then, slowly and carefully, bit by bit, she totally drenches her overalls and herself in flowing sticky syrup until the denim is utterly drenched in it, and she also totally covers her lovely long hair too.

She makes a point of raising her bare feet towards the camera and giving each foot its own little coating of syrup, she's also sitting in a tray to catch the drips, so she ends up sitting in her own little lake of syrup, and we get to see the results on the seat of her overalls whenever she stands up to get another bottle.

Lady Jennifer talks to the camera throughout, so you really feel you are in the scene as she quite willingly gets messier and messier.