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Denim Demolition Day - set gm-4f015

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Denim Demolition Day

Honeysuckle and Fidelity wreck each other's denim outfits

Denim Demolition Day - when two of our people dress in their best denim outfits, and destroy each other with messy gloop!

Fidelity wears jeans, blue shirt, and denim jacket, while Honeysuckle wears a gorgeous blue denim jumpsuit, and both wear wellies, all the better to catch the messes that will soon be slithering down inside their jeans and jumpsuit legs.

Taking turn and turn about, they gradually reduce each other to mess-drenched messes, with clothes filling, pocket filling, liberal slathering, and finally full head coverage too.

They use mixed sweet and savoury mess, including custard, golden syrup, tomato soup, and spaghetti rings.