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Messy Lucia's Grey Running Pants - set gm-4f022

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Messy Lucia's Grey Running Pants

Our sporty visitor gets very messy in skin tight sportswear

Early one Sunday morning, while everyone else was still sleeping off the previous night's revelry, Lucia rose early, dressed in her favourite pale grey skintight running pants and bra top, with nothing underneath, and black basketball boots, and went out for a run round the inner estate. On returning to the hall she somehow found herself in the dungeon, and with plent of supplies conveniently laid out ready for use. So what's a girl to do, it'd be rude not to make the most of the opportunity.

After a few warm-down exercises, which nicely show off her skin tight outfit, Lucia starts to mess herself up. Cream and custard down her tight grey pants comes first, and we can see every bulge and the steadily darkening stains coming through the fabric as the liquid goo flows down inside. And with no underwear to get in the way, you can imagine just how she's feeling it as she pours more and more mess in. Spaghetti hoops add a delicious squidgy texture, until eventually the mixes mess flows all down inside her tight trouser legs, and flow out over her boots.

More mixed mess goes down inside the back of her pants, where again we get to appreciate every pour and squidge as the mess stains through from inside. Then she sets about filling her sports bra, squishing her boobs with her hands to squeeze custard back out of the top even as more leaks out from the bottom and flows down over her stomach and down the outside of her already messy pants. Once her bra is nicely messy, she sets about the remaining clean areas of her pants and her boots with lashings of custard, before finishing herself off with a very thorough cream and custard shampoo, and a cream and custard facial too.

A spectacular mixed sweet and savoury solo self-messing, in a skin-tight outfit that leaves little to the imagination, from a very confident and athletic model who knows exactly what she's doing and what we the audience want to see. Happy New Year and welcome to 2022 at Saturation Hall!