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Swimsuit Filling Fun

Miss Abigail takes Kjirsten through her first ever swimsuit filling

This is how we welcome new people to Saturation Hall, by filling their swimsuits with custartd and syrup!

New friend Kjirsten Jensen has come to the Hall to sample our messy living, and Miss Abigail has voluntered to show her the ropes. And the syrup, and the custard. So as not to have to worry too much about chosing her first outfit to get mess drenched in, Kjirsten opted for a gorgeous black one-piece legsuit swimsuit, which really shows off her figure while leaving little to the imagination, while Miss Abigail dresses similarly in one of our zip-front surfing swimsuits, this time a shorter leg version, to compliment Kjirsten's suit. Both are barefoot, and both are going to get very, very messy.

Syrup down the cleavage comes first. Followed by cans of nice runny custard just to really gloop things up inside Kjirsten's suit. Then, while that mess is left to develop, it's Miss Abigail's turn and her suit soon starts to suffer too as a similarly gloopy mixture is poured in, flows down, and starts to seep through the lovely blue material, staining and darkening it beautifully.

Filling down their backs comes next, showing through beautifully at their bottoms as the mess flows down inside.

By the end of the scene, both women are drenched from head to bare feet in custard and syrup, including full custard shampoos and face pours for both of them.

This scene includes a second hose-down video where they carefully wash each other clean and shampoo their hair, while still wearing their soaking wet swimsuits, there's also a detailed photoset of the messy section.

Kjirsten likes getting messy!