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Blue Boilersuit Gungetank - set gm-4g009

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Blue Boilersuit Gungetank

Aurora takes a tanking in our classic style

Dressed in classic Saturation Hall style, wearing a royal blue boilersuit over a black and blue swimsuit, and with Hunter wellies over bare feet, Aurora has decided to sample our gunge tank, loaded in glorious lurid orange gunge, in which she is going to get completely covered!

This was actually Aurora's first ever gunge tank experience, but even so she handles it beautifully, and gets totally covered including full hair and face coverage, after a deliberately deceptive head-down start where you think she's going to keep her face clean, and epic use of her fringe - and complete face coverage and glasses-filling too!

The full sequence for this scene is:
1. Auroa fills the tank from buckets using the large jug.
2. She fills a silver tray with gunge, and sits in it in the tank.
3. She fills her boots, including showing off her messy bare feet.
4. She comments about how wonderful the mess she's already in is, and activates the full tanking.
5. Once she's well covered by the tank she uses the extra bucket to cover herself completely.
6. There are then two subsequent water-tankings, with a full 70 litres of water each time.
7. She shampoos and washes her hair between the two water deluges.