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Dungaree Oil Drench - set gm-4o001

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Dungaree Oil Drench

Friday and Miss Abigail in oil-slick denim

Autumn 2022 sees the long-awaited return of the truly lovely Friday to Saturation Hall, for a denim dungaree oil soak with Miss Abigail!

Both dressed in blue denim dungarees over white t-shirts, and with Union Jack wellies, they take turns pouring steadily increasing amounts of sunflower oil into, and all over, each other, until their clothes are totally drenched and shining, their hair is coated and dripping, and their faces are glistening, with the beautiful golden flowing oil.

Sometimes the simplest scenes are the best, and this one works beautifully, the oil soaking and darkening its way through their overalls until they are both drenched in it, their t-shirts turned transparent and their whole bodies glistening in liquid golden glory.

Welcome back Friday and what a spectacular entrance, enjoy!