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Nurse Jasmine takes a mud bath - set gm-m002

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Nurse Jasmine takes a mud bath

Nurse Jasmine takes a health-boosting dip in the rich deep clays of the Humber Estuary, wearing her full uniform.

  • Navy blue nurses dress with white nurses belt
  • White tennis shoes with white ankle socks
  • Bare legs

Nurses dresses are just made to be gunged, and are just the thing for a nice long, deep, relaxing plunge into thick welcoming riverbank clay. Our smartly uniformed nurse loves nothing more than a good wallow, her smartly-clad bottom sinking slowly into the mud while she gently and deliberately scoops up huge handfulls of the soft gooey muck and spreads it all over the front of her dress, shampoos it into her hair, and finaly gives herself a nice mud facial to finish off.