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The Green Lady of the Mudflats - set gm-m003

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The Green Lady of the Mudflats

Lady Jasmine is all dressed up for an evening dinner party at Marsh House. But first she must cross the mudflats to get there!

  • Floor length green satin formal gown
  • Green wellington boots

Lady Jasmine of Saturation Hall has been invited to join some friends for dinner at Marsh House, the ancestral home of Lady Full-Wellington and her family. Unfortunately, before she can get to Marsh House, Lady Jasmine must cross the mudflats of Soggy Bottom to reach the ancient carriage drive. Being a practical sort, she's kept her stout green wellingon boots on under her lovely green satin gown, but being something of a gunge fanatic she suspects that may not be enough to keep her dress from getting just a little bit muddy as she walks through the oh-so-inviting soft slippery mud...