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Lady Elizabeth the Mud Mechanic - set gm-m005

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Lady Elizabeth the Mud Mechanic

Lady Elizabeth checks out some new mud for playing qualities

  • Navy blue polycotton dungarees
  • Blue check cotton shirt
  • Bare feet

Sometimes, when Lady Jasmine is away on business, she leaves instructions for her lady-in-waiting to test out the gunge potential of various new substances. In this set, we see her, dressed in her own style, working dungarees and a shirt, both belted in tight at the waist to show her lovely figure, relaxing with a slab of red ball clay.

She takes the clay, mixes it with fresh water, makes up a nice runny mixture, and totally covers her outfit, including kneeling and sitting in the tub she's mixing it in, as well as pouring it all over herself. The clay has great wam potential, it utterly drenches her outfit and hair, reducing everything it touches to a shiny, slippery mess.

Lady Elizabeth has a fantastic time playing with the clay, and ends up striking a series of cute poses while absolutely coated and drenched in rich red-brown fluid. She's definetly going to add this to Lady Jasmine's "must play in" list.