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Classic Jeans, Classic Mud - set gm-m008

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Classic Jeans, Classic Mud

Lady Elizabeth wears a pair of classic-fit blue jeans into the mudpit

  • Classic traditional-fit blue denim jeans
  • Plain white long-sleeve t-shirt
  • Black leather belt
  • White socks

Lady Elizabeth, dressed simply but beautifully an a pair of classic-fit blue jeans, plain white long-sleeved t-shirt, and plain white socks, spends a relaxed evening in the indoor mudpit. First she mixes the mud with a handy wooden spoon, "accidentally" kneeling in some of the splashed mud round the pit. Then she pours a little fresh mud on the floor and sits sideways in it, coating her right thigh, and then using her hands she slowly covers her jeans completely, before moving on to gradually cover the rest of hersef from head to toe, including her shining red hair.

This set is an absolute must-see for muddy jeans fans!