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Oiling the Black - set gm-o001

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Oiling the Black

Welcome to Lady Jasmine's Gunge Dungeon!

  • Long black evening dress with gold bodice detail
  • Fine black tights (pantyhose)
  • Black pumps

After a hard day managing her estate's business, Jasmine changes to one of her favourite evening dresses, complete with appropriate hose and shoes, and retires to her private gunge dungeon for a few hours of peaceful relaxation, with just a couple of gallons of pure sunflower oil for company.

First she fills a sliver tray with oil, and then gently sits down in it, letting the golden fluid flood the back of her dress. Then she slips her shoes off, one at a time, fills them with oil, and gently slips them back on again. And then she takes the jugs of oil and slowly, sensuously, pours them all over herself, starting with her lap and the skirt of her dress, then her sleeves, then her front and back, and finally pours litres of oil over her face and through her hair.

Once her whole outfit is saturated, she lies down and writhes and rolls in the pool of oil on the waterproof flooring, completely relaxed.