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Lady Jasmine takes to the water in her riding boots and schoomistres outfit.

  • Riding boots by Hawkins of Northampton
  • Long black pleated skirt
  • Crisp white shirt

Lady Jasmine has a paddle, wearing her top quality riding boots, with a long black skirt just designed for swishing in the water. Having soaked herself thoroughly (though her skirt proved to be surprisingly water-resistant, a proper mud or gunge bath awaits it as a result!), she then takes a wander through the trees, reliving her childhood in the parkland around the manor.

Note: For a variety of reasons this set runs to just 162 images, plus we goofed a little with the lighting - a dark skirt and brilliant white shirt are not the best choices to go with dark water and a bright backdrop, and some of the shots are not quite as sharp as we'd like. As Schoolmistress Jasmine would say, "must try harder"!