Wendy Household

The District Nurse

Take one uniformed bath, once a day!

Wendy is the Langstonedale District Nurse, and is regularly seen all around the dale, dispensing medicine and medical knowledge in equal measure. Yorkshire country-people are a hardy folk, self reliant and resilient, and Wendy often has to coax her patients to admit that sometimes they might need a bit of medical attention!

Wendy first learnt of the Langstonedale household's peculiar tastes when treating a servant for a sprained ankle sustained during a race through the river Wharfe in full uniform, and immediately realised she'd found the right place to settle, being a lifelong gunge-fan herself.

Wendy is particularly keen on uniforms, having something of a medical fetish, and also loves overalls and workwear. She is often seen waist deep, in full nurses dress, wading through the pools and streams of the Langstonedale estate during high summer, and making merry in Lady Jasmine's well stocked dungeon during the rest of the year.

Wendy often accompanies the household on holidays, and so is also frequently seen on the lands of Lady Jasmine's hunting lodge in Western Argyll, Scotland, as well as out and about in Langstonedale.

Enter the mess!

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In uniform

In Western Argyll


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