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Sample photos from all the sets in the Members Lounge

This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

The first two shots are clickable to give the full-size high-res image, generally these will be clean "before" shots in most sets, the others are also clickable to our standard 800 x 600 free sample size - the images in the Members Lounge are all the same size as the first two images here.

  • gm-3h004: "Rosemary gets hosed down and washes her hair in a black boilersuit" Added 2020-07-27, 39 photos, 97M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3h004-v1 (09 minutes, 51 seconds)

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    Hairwash in Black

    Rosemary gets hosed down and washes her hair in a black boilersuit

    Dressed in the slightly damp black boilersuit and wellies that she travelled back from the mudbanks in, Rosemary gets hosed down and washes her short hair with shampoo. The shampooing sections are filmed in close up and then we pull back to enjoy watching the foam flooding down her back and over her bum as she rinses off. She then applied conditioner and lets it sit while she slips off her wellies, fills them with water, and pours them over herself. She then rinses the conditioner off and finally poses, soaking wet from head to toe.

    This is a bonus extra release for the fifth week in July, 2020.

  • gm-3f011: "Lucia demonstrates self-sploshing" Added 2020-07-17, 25 photos, 82M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f011-v1 (22 minutes, 18 seconds)
    • gm-3f011-v2 (09 minutes, 20 seconds)

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    Red Dress Custard

    Lucia demonstrates self-sploshing

    Lucia treats us to a great demonstration of self-sploshing, filling and covering her beautiful red dress and knee-high suede boots with cream and custard. She also gives herself a full messy shampoo and facial.

    Scene includes the fully clothed hose-down.

  • gm-3f033: "Honeysuckle and Susie fill and cover their jodhpurs with custard" Added 2020-07-01, 85 photos, 208M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f033-v1 (18 minutes, 22 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Jodhpurs & Custard

    Honeysuckle and Susie fill and cover their jodhpurs with custard

    Susie and Honeysuckle, almost identically dressed in black jodhpurs, tucked-in polo shirts, and Hunter wellies, test each others' outfits with lashings of custard. The fill each others' jodhpurs, then spread custard all over the outside, and once the trousers are totally coated they set about each others' polo shirts, and then finally their heads and hair get the treatment too. Both women end up completely covered in custard.

  • gm-2f151: "Evelyne gets into custardy in her green overalls" Added 2020-06-17, 464 photos, 1.7G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f151-v1 (10 minutes, 04 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Damp Seat Punishment

    Evelyne gets into custardy in her green overalls

    Evelyne, our cook, was meant to be delivering a messing to her ladyship. But oh no, after putting on her brand new green boilersuit and short green wellies, she managed to sit on a damp stool, leaving a visible damp patch on the seat of her overalls. And much as we love gunge and messiness at the hall, when you're messing up Lady Jasmine, you are expected to be spotless and pristine, at least to start with.

    So there's nothing for it, Evelyne needs to give herself a punishment self-messing, she needs to put herself into custardy.

    Clothes filling, cake sitting, and lots of custard poured all over her boulersuit and boots, then she sits in the mess on the floor and rolls in it, before finally drenches herself in milk to finish off.

  • gm-2f175: "Friday delivers a spectacular and very sexy self-wamming" Added 2020-06-04, 548 photos, 2.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f175-v1 (22 minutes, 15 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    The Red Cocktail Dress

    Friday delivers a spectacular and very sexy self-wamming

    Take one beautiful young woman, dressed in a stunning scarlet cocktail dress, provide plenty of custard and cream, and this is what you get!

    Friday fills and covers her dress, her boots, and her gorgeous hair, with lashings and lashings of cream and custard, and then finishes herself off with lots of milk.

    A simple scene, and beautiful. Enjoy!

  • gm-3f020: "Chained and harnessed, Fidelity must accept whatever Chastity dishes out!" Added 2020-05-20, 31 photos, 72M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f020-v1 (22 minutes, 01 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Mistress Chastity punishes Sub Fidelity

    Chained and harnessed, Fidelity must accept whatever Chastity dishes out!

    Fidelity is strapped into our heavy leather bondage harness, which is then chained to the ceiling hook. Fidelity is still standing on her feet but cannot move more than a foot or two in any direction - which means that she's just going to have to accept whatever Mistress Chastity, looking stunning in a vinyl catsuit with lace-up back detail, choses to do to her. Needless to say, a very thorough gunging ensues!

  • gm-2f139: "Filling cute short dungarees with lots of custard!" Added 2020-05-08, 749 photos, 3.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f139-v1 (32 minutes, 02 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Lady Rose in Shortalls

    Filling cute short dungarees with lots of custard!

    Lady Rose is dressed in really cute short blue denim dungarees, long-sleeve blue striped t-shirt, a pink and white "pirate" neckerchief, and "Tickled Pink" lace-up pink wellies, and is going to totally cover herself with custard and syrup!

    She thoroughly fills the shortalls, pouring custartd and syrup into them, both down the inside and filling her pockets, and then once she's nice and soggy, she completely covers the outside of her outfit too. Her bare legs and boots don't escape the treatment, and once she's sitting in the pool of mess on the floor she pours syrup and custard all over her hair and head too, ending up completely drenched in mess from head to foot.

  • gm-3h005: "Boilersuited chamberwench drenches herself washing muddy boots" Added 2020-04-27, 534 photos, 403M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3h005-v1 (38 minutes, 04 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Maude washes the wellies

    Boilersuited chamberwench drenches herself washing muddy boots

    Bonus extra scene for 5th week in April 2020

    Here's Maude, dressed in the green boilersuit and wellies she returned from playing on the mudbanks in, getting to work to wash the signifcant quantities of muddy wellies that have accumulated in the dungeon. She gets totally soaked in the process as she washes the wellies and other shoes on her own lap, she also empties a tub of muddy water down herself as part of washing out the tub.

    Once all the work is done, she strips off her own wellies and the boilersuit to reveal the floral swimsuit she's wearing beneath, and then washes her hair with shampoo, foam cascading down the back of her swimsuit as she rinses the lather off.

    This started as a planned "hosedown in the travelling back outfit" scene but grew into a full wetlook scene in it's own right. Now seemed like a good time to release it on both sites as a five week bonus.

    Technical: There is full original sound on the video.

  • gm-2f241: "Testing a new managers' uniform for mess performance" Added 2020-04-15, 835 photos, 2.5G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f241-v1 (26 minutes, 12 seconds)
    • gm-2f241-v2 (02 minutes, 28 seconds)
    • gm-2f241-v3 (06 minutes, 18 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Maude the Messy Manager

    Testing a new managers' uniform for mess performance

    Today Maude is testing a potential new managers uniform. She is wearingt a floor length black pencil skirt, with a split to the knee on the front left, black tights, very smart black leather lace-up heeled shoes, and a long sleeved blue and white pinstriped blouse with an open neckline. This would of course be a "dress" unifiorm for office use, and looks very smart and even a little sexy, but like any clothing selected for staff wear on this estate, it must also give good performance when soaking wet and covered in mess. So Maude is going to put it to the test for us.

    First, one at a time, she unlaces her shoes, fills them with mess, and slips them back on. Tomato soup fills the left shoe, and then custard fills the right, her clean tights-clad feet slidding deliciously into the well filled shoes and mess spraying out and all over her hands as she squelches her feet fully back into the shoes and neatly laces them up again.

    Next, how will that beautiful long satin finish penil skirt handle the mess? Several cans of soup get poured in down the front, flowing inside the skirt and covering Maude's tights, visible through the skirt's long slit. Custard follows, just to really ramp up the test.

    And from there, Maude does a very thorough and detailed mess test on her entire outfit. She treats the still-clean back of her skirt to a spectacular cake-sitting, she gives herself a very thorough messy shampoo, with the drips flooding off her head and flowing down over her blouse, she does some blouse filling both via the neckline and pouring mess into her sleeves, and by the end of the test she had reduced her outfit and herself to a wet and slippery mess, from head to toes. She lifts the skirt to show the very messy state of her tights too.

    Once the test is complete and she's happy with the outfit's performance both clean and messy, she hoses herself down, still fully dressed, during which her blouse turns partly transparent so we can partly see the black bra she's wearing beneath it.

  • gm-2g053: "Felicity and Lily demonstrate that exercise gear is always improved with gunge" Added 2020-04-01, 933 photos, 2.8G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g053-v1 (24 minutes, 22 seconds)
    • gm-2g053-v2 (11 minutes, 13 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Sportswear Filling Fun

    Felicity and Lily demonstrate that exercise gear is always improved with gunge

    Felicity, in a dark blue Adidas jogging suit over a Slazenger swimsuit, and Lily, dressed in skin tight black and pink running leggings, crop top, and thin running jacket, start by playing play scissors - paper - stone, with the winner of each round getting to improve their opponent's outfit each time by adding gunge. They have large buckets of blue and clear gunge to play with. The first pours are of course down inside the fronts of their trousers, with nice detailed shots as the gunge is poured in and then the wetness starts to seep through from inside. More is poured down the backs of their pants so they really feel it when they sit back down.

    And then the game is abandoned and they just take turns to utterly drench each other in gunge! Lily's crop top is filled, Felicity "washes" Lily's jacket in a full bucket of clear gunge and makes them put it back on afterwards, Felicity's swimsuit is filled, as is the hood of her jacket which is then put on her head, and by the end of it they are pouring the remaining gunge in the buckets over each others heads, Felicity in particular getting a spectacular covering in blue gunge.

    Once they are both completely drenched in goo they pose for the camera, and then move to the wash-off, first they empty full buckets of water over each other, and then hose each other down, still fully dressed. They finish with Lily in yoga pants and crop top, and Felicity in swimsuit and jogging pants, all utterly soaking wet.

    Full shampoo hair-washing is also included in the hosedown.

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