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This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

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  • gm-2g055: "Maude, Lucia, and Teena fill each other's clothes and shoes with goo!" Added 2021-01-20, 629 photos, 2.0G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g055-v1 (32 minutes, 27 seconds)

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    3 Girl Sportswear Gunge

    Maude, Lucia, and Teena fill each other's clothes and shoes with goo!

    Lucia, Teena, and Maude have arranged to meet in the dungeon and then go for a cross-country run round part of the estate. Maude and Teena are there on time, but Lucia is late, ane eventually arrives apologetic and barefoot - she can't find her running shoes! Oh dear, running around the estate barefoot isn't really recommended, there are lots of sharp rocks not to mention all the mud. So there's only one thing for it. Instead of a run, the three of them will just have to do a gunge workout instead. With Lucia being the first to get the treatment, of course.

    Maude wears her favourite Nike sleeveless sportswear jumpsuit, with a black swimsuit underneath and all-black Converse-style basketball boots on her feet.

    Teena is all in pink, pink leggings, pink running top, pink sportswear jacket, and with white and pink trainers, worn with no socks.

    Lucia wears black high-waist Lonsdale branded tracksuit trousers, with a black sports-bra as a top, and she has bare feet.

    What follows involves clothes filling, sitting in trays of goo, pouring gunge all over each other, standing in buckets of goo and being covered, shoe-filling, and finally pouring buckets of gunge over their heads. All three girls are reduced to technicolour gunge-drenched messes. Gunge colours used are blue, green, and pink, and they have lots and lots of it to play with!

  • gm-3f026: "Honeysuckle and Maude in clothes filling fun" Added 2021-01-02, 49 photos, 147M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f026-v1 (29 minutes, 30 seconds)

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    Yellow Shiny Shorts Messy Mayhem

    Honeysuckle and Maude in clothes filling fun

    Honeysuckle and Maude are identically dressed in bright yellow shiny shorts, white and yellow Adidas t-shirts, white sports socks, and wellies, sparkly silver for Honeysuckle and clear see-through for Maude. They have a table of mixed sweet and savoury mess, and both girls know they're going to get very, very messy!

    They start with welly filling, and Honeysuckle's pristine white socks soon start to stain as Maude spoons spaghetti hoops into Honeysuckle's wellies. Then it's Maude's turn and we get to watch the spaghetti that Honeysuckle treats her with flowing down inside the boot, and the flow of custard that follows it.

    Once their boots are nicely squelchy and their white socks reduced to mess-drenched ruin, they start on each other's shorts, mixed messes poured in front and back so they are both sitting in pools of soggy mess inside their shorts. Then their t-shirts get the treatment, and finally their heads and hair too.

    This scene is more than just two very pretty girls destroying each other with mess though, there's a wonderful sense of fun and joy in their interactions, lots of playful splashing, messy handprints, and just overall having fun as they wreck each other's clothes and looks.

    Let the messing commence!

  • gm-2g048: "Honeysuckle's fancy Chinese party dress vs Rosemary's smart black jumpsuit!" Added 2020-12-24, 867 photos, 3.0G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g048-v1 (26 minutes, 18 seconds)

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    Party Gunge Dress vs Jumpsuit

    Honeysuckle's fancy Chinese party dress vs Rosemary's smart black jumpsuit!

    It's Midwinter Dungeon Party Time at Saturation Hall, and Honeysuckle and Rosemary are going to demonstrate the effects of multi-coloured gunge on their very smart brand new party outfits!

    Honeysuckle wears a beautiful, floor length Chinese style shimmery blue dress with a black waist cincher and black satin opera gloves, with black leather calf-high boots, while Rosemary wears a very smart semi-shiny finish black short sleeve bodycon jumpsuit, with black patent leather calf-high boots. And unusually for a Saturation Hall scene, they begin by pouring gunge over each other's heads. But don't worry, their entire outfits are also reduced to gunge-soaked ruin, including tubs of gunge poured into their laps, sitting in trays of goo, carefully spreading blue and green gunge over each other's bottoms, and generally getting totally and uttterly drenched in goo!

  • gm-3f022: "Rosemary and Fidelity play in smart satin officewear" Added 2020-12-02, 30 photos, 94M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f022-v1 (24 minutes, 44 seconds)
    • gm-3f022-v2 (11 minutes, 46 seconds)

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    Smart Office Custard & Cream

    Rosemary and Fidelity play in smart satin officewear

    Rosemary and Fidelity are both dressed in very smart officewear, satin finish pencil skirt suits that wouldn't look out of place in the boardroom of a multinational. And they've challenged each other as to how much Devon Dream they can stash inside their outfits before they start to leak. So those suits aren't going to be smart for much longer, though at first they only get messy from within.

    Cream down their cleaveages is the first order of business, two pots of Dream each neatly poured in between their breasts and down inside their smart blouses. From outside their outfits still look pristine, but we know, and they can feel, the creamy liquid spreading and soaking its way through their clothes as they walk around the dungeon. Their third pot of Dream each goes down the backs of their necks, inside their shirts, with suitable squeals and reactions as the cold liquid flows down.

    And now it's pie time! The challenge is only whose Devon Dream leaks first, so in the mean time, they are free to thoroughly pie each other, which they do with merry abandon, full force pieings straight in the face, with splatter going everywhere.

    By the end of the scene, both girls are totally plastered from head to toe in custard and cream, hair and faces totally wrecked, and outfits utterly drenched in flowing sticky custard and cream.

    That's how smart officewear should be treated!

  • gm-2g049: "Friday and Felicity fill each other's lycra sportswear with gallons of goo!" Added 2020-11-21, 881 photos, 2.5G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g049-v1 (28 minutes, 01 seconds)
    • gm-2g049-v2 (22 minutes, 20 seconds)

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    Well Filled Yoga Pants

    Friday and Felicity fill each other's lycra sportswear with gallons of goo!

    Both dressed in skin tight yoga pants and running vest tops over swimnsuits, and with Converse-style basketball boots on their sockless feet, Friday and Felicity set about each other with gallons of blue gunge!

    Felicity is first to feel the wetness, as cup after cup of gunge is poured down inside the front of her swimsuit, so it collects in the lower areas, soaking through her trousers from inside before the gathering gunge leaks from her swimsuit's leg-holes and flows down inside her trousers - all of which you can see happening as she lifts her vest and pulls at the trousers to encourage the flow!

    Felicity gets well filled and drenchged in goo while Friday remains clean and dry at first, Felicity has her swimsuit filled, then more poured down her spandex leggings front and back, then her spandex vest top filled too, all while Friday's nice green jungle pattern outfit remains untouched. Needless to say this situation doesn't last too long, and soon enough there were litres of goo flowing down inside Friday's lovely outfit too.

    Their hair doesn't escape the treatment, they empty buckets over each other, totally drenching hair and faces in blue. They also stand in buckets of gunge to make sure their canvas boots are totally drenched too.

    By the end of the scene, both girls are utterly drenched in mess from head to toe!

  • gm-3f035: "Honeysuckle covers and fills her zip spandex suit with custard and cream!" Added 2020-11-03, 47 photos, 147M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f035-v1 (16 minutes, 54 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Spandex Custard Bath

    Honeysuckle covers and fills her zip spandex suit with custard and cream!

    Prevented from going to play in the mud by the weather, Honeysuckle decides instead to have a sensous self-session in the dungeon. Dressed in a gorgeous skin-tight zip-front hooded spandex catsuit, with nothing underneath, and blue Hunter wellies, she has lots of cartons of custard and Devon Dream to play with, so her beautiful suit won't be staying clean for long!

    She starts with a tray of custard, lowering her beautiful spandex-clad bottom into lovely gloopy custard, twice, and standing up again to show off the results. Then she sits back down in the custardy tray, but facing forwards, and starts to set about the rest of her outfit. She pours more custard down between her legs and squeezes them closed to really squish it in, fills her wellies, fils her suit, and steadily gets messier and messier, laughing and talking to the camera about how much fun she's having as she does so. Filled wellies get taken off so we can see her custard-soaked feet, she then pours the custard from her wellies down herself before putting them back on.

    Her gorgeous long black hair gets the treatment, and she pulls the suit's hood up over her messy hair, revealing the top and back of the hood to be clean - she soon fixes that too.

    By the end of the scene she's totally drenched in custard and cream from head to toe, her lovely spandex suit both covered and filled with goo.

  • gm-2f180: "Miss Pink and Nurse Wendy play a messy game" Added 2020-10-22, 964 photos, 3.2G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f180-v1 (35 minutes, 40 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Hot Pants vs Army Trousers

    Miss Pink and Nurse Wendy play a messy game

    Miss Pink, dressed in cyan swimsuit, black disco hotpants, and lace-up plimsolls, has challenged Nurse Wendy, in olive green army trousers, black shirt, and black chunky boots, to a messy game of scissors - paper - stone in the dungeon. Needless to say, they are both about to get very messy!

    Miss Pink looses the first couple of rounds, and very soon her hotpants are well filled with custard and cream, which seeps through the material and leaks down her legs. But soon enough Nurse Wendy looses a turn, and her outfit starts to suffer too.

    Lots of clothes filling for both of them, plus mess poured all over each other and spread by hand. They cover each other's hair and faces too, by the end of the scene both are completely covered from head to toe.

  • gm-2g054: "Lucia, Teena, and Maude, in formal gowns, in gunge!" Added 2020-10-08, 508 photos, 1.7G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g054-v1 (33 minutes, 12 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Three Girl Formal Fun

    Lucia, Teena, and Maude, in formal gowns, in gunge!

    Lucia, Teena, and Maude, were meant to be attenting the Midsummer Garden Party. Except it's been rained off, so what are our dressed-up threesome going to get up to instead? Relaxing drinks by the fire in the great hall? Some quiet reading in the library? Or how about a merry afternoon totally drenching each other, in all their formal finery, with fresh gunge in the dungeon?

    To quote endless clickbait sites, "you won't believe what happened next!"

    Needless to say, those gorgeous formal outfits, Lucia's long-sleeve, floor length, gold pencil dress, Teena's shimmery red satin dress, and Maude's beautiful blue ballgown, don't stay all clean and dry for long!

    Dresses get filled, trays full of goo get sat in, and all three ladies reduce each other to beautiful formal sloppy messes, as all three get totally drenched in blue and pink gunge, from head to toe, including buckets of gunge poured over their heads, as well as lots of just splattering gunge all over each other.

    Now that's what I call a gunge party!

  • gm-3f037: "Lady Jennifer and Honeysuckle destroy each other's summer outfits with custard and cream!" Added 2020-09-17, 60 photos, 191M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f037-v1 (22 minutes, 19 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Denim Shorts Custard

    Lady Jennifer and Honeysuckle destroy each other's summer outfits with custard and cream!

    Honeysuckle and Lady Jennifer are wearing their summer festival outfits, pale high-waist denim shorts, Hunter wellies, a crop-top for Lady Jennifer, and a halterneck swimsuit with her shorts for Honeysuckle. And they are going to totally drench each other in custard and cream!

    There is a strong emphasis on clothes filling in this scene, Lady Jennifer has her shorts filled directly, Honeysuckle has her swimsuit filled so that the mess will leak out inside her shorts and mess them up from within.

    Both girls get totally covered in mess, including full hair and face mess plus they fill each other's Hunters for maximum squelchiness as they walk around the dungeon.

  • gm-3f018: "Cynthia and Elsie put rainsuits to the 12 can test" Added 2020-09-02, 383 photos, 1.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3f018-v1 (29 minutes, 22 seconds)
    • gm-3f018-v2 (15 minutes, 42 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Green Rainwear Custard

    Cynthia and Elsie put rainsuits to the 12 can test

    Cinthia has invited her friend Elsie to join her for a weekend at the Hall, and while she's here she decides to join in on a rainwear custard test. Both ladies are identically dressed in black swimsuits with orange and purple detailing, over which they wear brand new olive green rainsuits, plus wellies. Before they can begin the tests, the rules state that they much have some custard poured inside the front and back of their swimsuits, just to make sure they have fully embraced the spirit of the testing, which is designed to get mess inside the suits.

    Taking turns, Elsie first, they both get totally drenched in custard. First they throw it over each other with the rainwear all done up, keeping them dry inside. But all too soon it's time for the internal tests, and so custard poured inside their trousers is the order of the day, not to mention hoods being filled and the placed on clean heads, covering their hair.

    By the end of the scene, they are both reduced to custard-drenched messes.

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