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We like gunge!

Lady Jasmine enjoying a mud bath

At Saturation Hall, when we say "fully clothed" we mean it. Formal gowns, and wedding dresses. Traditional nurses uniform dresses. Jeans and trousers, filled and filled with gunge poured inside. Shirts and blouses, also filled then slimed to the extreme. Overalls, boilersuits, and uniforms, including knee length uniform skirts. And of course swimsuits. Which should always be well filled with custard.

We also know how to film and photograph wet and messy scenes properly. In our sets, you get to see the girls' legs and bottoms really getting gunged, as well as their heads and tops. Like to see legs and bottoms getting gunged? You've come to the right place!

Saturation Hall Features

  • See a wide range of costumes slimed from within as large quantities of varied gunge are carefully poured inside swimsuits, shirts, and trousers, and even skirts.
  • Watch as rubber boots are filled to the brim with slime, sometimes while being worn, sometimes for a model to step into after they are full.
  • See mud, oil, and gunge shampooed into long hair, and pretty faces completely engulfed.

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